Tips On Buying A Pregnancy Pillow

Are you tossing and turning at night?Are you growing (pun intended) increasingly uncomfortable using a regular bed pillow?Are you keeping your bed partner awake from all the awkward positions that you try to sleep in?The aches and pains related specifically to being pregnant can be, at the least, uncomfortable. The right pregnancy pillow is a great investment and can provide not only physical relief, but by getting a good rest, emotional relief as well.

Pregnancy pillows come in wedges, squares, circles, and various other shapes and sizes. Some are made specially for the first trimester or the last. Some target individual areas of the body.Each pillow can have a specific use, but many women want an all-in-one, full length pillow to help with the discomfort as pregnancy progresses.
Tips On Buying A Pregnancy Pillow
While searching for a pregnancy pillow that would best fit your needs, consider these features: size, shape, ease of cleaning, and weight. You don’t want a pillow that is cumbersome to move around or won’t fit comfortably in your bed. You also don’t want a pillow that doesn’t fit your body shape or that you are unable to wash. You know that one pillow is usually not enough for your back, knees, tummy, neck and for all over support while pregnant, but if you can find one to do all that, you will not be disappointed.

The best people to rate a pregnancy pillow is, well, pregnant women. With over 5,000 customer reviews on and an overall 4.4 rating, the LeachcoSnoogle Total Body Pillow from Leachco topped the list as the best pregnancy pillow 2016. This pillow is designed to follow the contour and shape of your body. Developed and patented by a nurse and mom, with a horseshoe shaped head design, a long mid-section and a curved end, all parts, from head to toe are comfortable and it helps keep your body cool as well. Another great feature is the removable, washable cover available in 5 different colors. These pillows run around $60 – $100. Further research revealed that sellers, the largest online specialist in baby necessitates, offers this pillow, or similar ones, for around $60 – $100 also, as do several other companies.

In addition to a pillow’s design,you need to also consider the filling of the pillow. The fillings can range from medium shaped styrofoam balls to microbeads to organic fillings such as wool or kapote. Some more expensive ones also offer memory foam. Also make sure the material islead free, latex free, and BPA free, as your skin may become sensitive to those materials.

However, if you are looking for moresupport in individual body areas, want a less expensive pillow, or have a small space, a wedge or circular pillow may be for you. A wedge pillow can be used under your tummy, or under your back, or as a head rest. The disadvantage is that you will probably need extra pillows to support other areas.

So,make a list of those features that you are looking for and do your research. Read reviews and customer satisfaction ratings. Compare prices and read warranties. Discover the comfort of a restful night’s sleep.

What To Look For In An Electric Leaf Blower

The convenience that leaf blowers offer when it comes to getting rid of all the leaves that litter your compound is unmatched by most other domestic cleaning appliances. Fortunately, the choice of leaf blowers is quite extensive, allowing shoppers to pick among various electric leaf blower designs and even work within their budget limits. Nevertheless, a lot more goes into making an appropriate leaf blower choice, and this is what determines whether you will regret your purchase or not. Here are some pointers on how to choose the best leaf blower for your needs.

What To Look For In An Electric Leaf Blower

Cord or Cordless?

The first step is determining whether you will need a corded or a cordless electric leaf blower. If your lawn is large, and filled with obstacles that would basically make the use of a corded leaf blower a headache, then you should stay away from all corded leaf blowers as you do your shopping. A cordless leaf blower would be more suited to your needs as you can move about to any part of your compound without having to worry about the cord getting caught up in something. On the other hand, if you have a small yard that is generally clear of any obstacles, then a corded electric blower would be a worthwhile purchase.

Noise Levels

You also have to take into consideration a leaf blower’s noise levels. Some blowers are so loud that you will even need quality ear protection while using them. This is obviously something most people would rather do without. However, even if the noise does not really bother you, it might be an issue for your neighbors, or even the authorities if you live in an area with strict noise pollution laws. So, take all these factors into consideration while shopping for your leaf blower otherwise you could end up having to lock it up in storage when it turns out that it violates noise pollution laws or causes your neighbors or yourself too much distress.

Your Cleaning Needs

Establish just how much blowing power you need to effectively clean your yard using the leaf blower. The cleaning tasks the leaf blower you are in the market for should handle has to be a huge factor in determining what blower you finally take home. Some yards require stronger leaf blowers, while others will do just fine with smaller ones. Obviously, if you need the more powerful variants of this useful household appliance, you will have to make compromises in other areas. To begin with, you will have to pay more. To some extent, buying a more powerful blower can also limit your choice to only corded leaf blowers, which, as we have seen earlier, have their setbacks. The powerful blowers are also much heavier.


Few people imagine that so much goes into choosing the right electric leaf blower. However, having to choose between cordless and corded blowers, make considerations about noise pollution, and determine whether a blower is up to the cleaning task ahead can make this process much harder. However, the only way to choose the best electric leaf blower for your specific needs is to take all these factors into consideration before making your purchase.