How to Enhance Your car’s Horsepower

17 Jun

How to Enhance Your car’s Horsepower

Car owners are generally more eager to make gas mileage better and save some money than to increase performance. If you wish to let out your car’s inner hot rod, you can do it in different ways. Reading these tips you will be able enhance the horsepower as well as maximize the speed and performance.

increase horsepower with performance

The first step is to reduce the weight of the vehicle. The easiest way to do right now for increasing the horsepower is making your car as light as possible. You should get rid of all unnecessary clutter from your vehicle and also strip your car down as much as possible for the best performance.

The second step is upgrading to a free-flowing exhaust system. If you upgrade to a high-performance exhaust system it will increase your car’s horsepower by a degree of 5-10 on some natural aspiration cars (like Ford Mustang).

It’s a general misunderstanding that oversized piping influences back pressure negatively ,as a result you lose power and low-end torque. Actually, the most part of engines choose rather the most free-flowing system, from the standpoint of header, intake and exhaust.

The next step is using test piping. First of all you should measure the diameter of your catalytic converter’s pipe and then replace with bigger exhaust piping. Probably you can have it installed at the shop paying some money, or you can do it yourself. For this purpose you should cut the old exhaust piping and leave several inches to weld onto.
Also you need to buy a free-flow aftermarket air filter. It should fit your car and be installed to slightly enhance your HP. This change is not very big, but it’s a very good way to make sure that your car will be working at the highest-possible degree.

Bear in mind that in fact a lot of after-market air filters will let larger particulate matter pass into the oil filters and engine, mainly if maintained wrong, and consequently will spray oil into the intake. As a result the mass air flow sensor can be damaged or even destroyed by the oil from the filter.

For the further increasing your car’s horsepower study supercharge and turbocharge options. If you install a turbocharger in a smaller-block or a supercharger in a large-block engine, you will save a lot of money because it will rebuild your engine completely and basically upgrade the stress-bearing components of it.

If you are going to install a supercharger in your vehicle , you should consider the following variations:

The oldest type of supercharger system are root superchargers. They are generally the cheapest and very popular among racing cars.

Twin screw superchargers are designed to pull air through lobes, which becomes compressed in a cone-shaped tapering appliance and trapped in the rotor housing. They are illegal in almost all states and they tend to be exceedingly loud.

There are some more types of superchargers and turbocharges. You can find some information on the Internet or check Kijiji options and choose BMW X5, Nissan Juke, Audi Q2 or other crossovers to increase their horsepower. It is also possible to increase horsepower of sedans and hatchbacks.

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