How to plasti dip a car

17 Jun

How to plasti dip a car

In this article we will teach  you how to add a unique look to your vehicle using plasti dip. What is plasti dip? It is a substance used for vehicles and wheels  to protect their initial surfaces in the winter season. It is a product of  a high quality which  is resistant to cold,  salt, winter ice or  sun fading. It is also a reliable though removable stuff that will slough off  after a long period of time. The most important thing is that you can use it to show a matte and clean appearance for your vehicle whereas completely continuing to be free of harm.

plasti dip

The plasti dip is such a covering that forms a separate layer any surface, even car rims.

The first thing you should do is to find a suitable place. The area should be large enough to contain the vehicle and is ventilated well. It may be an open garage, though if you have no such opportunity, a good place may be out-of-doors somewhere in the shade is.

You should clean and wash the surface properly. The surface must be very clean before putting any type of plasti dip to the vehicle.

Of course, the surface MUST be not only cleat but dry as well. After having cleaned the surface, dry it with a cloth. Do not use  paper towels. These may create scratches.

Then shake the can with spray vigorously. Shake it for about  1 minute.

Then paint in segments.  For instance, apply the first layer to the roof, while it is drying, apply the  first layer to the hood and so on. You may start from any section you wish. Avoid touching  plasti dip on a vehicle at any point during it is drying not to have any mispainted spots. It is safe to touch after solidification. You are recommended to put on  eye protection and a mask.

It is very significant for the first layer to be a light dusting because this layer is the bonding one. That  means it will be a 50 -60% transparence. This will let the next layers stick to the paint. Plasti dip should dry approximately15-30 minutes  before applying the next layer

Then apply some more layers. The more layers the more  longevity of plasti dip. In the whole the amount of layers is 4 or 5.

After the last layer is added, instantly remove all painter’s tape that you  have used to protect areas from being covered with plasti dip. You should do  before the substance dries.

Then you will need about 4 hours to wait until plasti dip fully cure.

You can also use plasti dip for applying on  car accessories.

If you want to plasti dip rims, the cleanest and easiest way is to remove the wheels from the vehicle. Find out instructions on how to remove wheels from your BMW X5, Dodge, Hundai or Audi and follow them properly. It is fully voluntary to coat the wheels’ rubber since plasti dip is simply removable. Do not forget that the surface you want to plasti dip should be clean.


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